Worst is yet to come, but they all warned you

Alexandre Blanc CyberSecurity weekly cyber linkedin
Alexandre Blanc Cyber Security

CISA, FBI, Cyber Security specialists, they all warned you, I warned you, and I continue to do so.

Transnational criminal organizations, criminal hackers, are only getting better, and more organized. They have always been, but they are getting better and evolve faster.

This also means that YOU, and YOUR ORGANIZATIONS, must take this in consideration, and must adjust your posture according to this. Your risk register must be updated, and the likelihood of cyber events, at least should be raised or reviewed, especially on the ransomware side.

Doing so should put some level above the threshold you established, and some items that where falling under the « risk acceptance » option, will fall under the unacceptable, requiring compensation measures.

So you will update your security plan accordingly, while you adjust your risk posture.

A reminder on the risk management strategies :

  • Risk Avoidance – Change organization practices to avoid the risk
  • Risk Transference – Take an insurance, move the risk to a third party, BUT, keep in mind, there is no way you transfer 100% of the risk, which means, you need mitigation !
  • Risk Mitigation – Take action design to reduce the likelihood or impact of a risk
  • Risk Acceptance – After analysis, determining if cost makes the compensation irrelevant, then acceptance is the option
  • Risk Deterrence – Dissuade a threat to happen, which can only be applied to risks that can be affected by controlled factors

So you’ll place security controls, which are procedures and mechanisms that an organization puts in place to manage security risks.

You’ll follow the defence in depth approach, multiple controls for one objective, overlapping security controls.

These security controls fall under 3 categories :

  • Preventive, the goal being for the incident not to happen (you have a raid, so as when a disk dies, you don’t lose the data)
  • Detective, goal is to identify a failing preventive security control, or an incident
  • Corrective, restoring backups, because preventive controls failed, detective was missed, and you lost the data.

For each category above, you have many controls available (remember, people, process and technology somehow) :

  • Technical controls (technology based, like a firewall)
  • Operational controls (processes carried by humans)
  • Management controls ( conducting risk assessments, security planning, change management etc).

When your risk register is complete, you have the assessment done (exposure factor, single loss expectancy, you got your Annual Loss Expectancy by multiply SLE x ARO as in anual risk occurence), and you get a quantitative and qualitative assessment.

Your goals are defined via RTO (recovery time objective), RPO (recovery point objective), MTD (maximum tolerable downtime), and you know your MTTR (mean time to repair).

If you don’t know what adversary risks (aside of all the other existing risks) your organization face, have look to MITRE ATT&CK and check if anything is applicable to you, and therefore, if you have matching controls in place.

This week in the cyber news, helping you to have a real view of the threat landscape and what happens to others, so as you can actually review your posture, and adjust the above listed risk approach accordingly.

This week in 60 bullets :

1 – You are a target, you may just not be watching your logs – North American Orgs Hit With an Average of 497 Cyberattacks per Week

2 – Do you have the proper security posture for today’s threat landscape ? Cox Media Group confirms ransomware attack that took down broadcasts

3 – Phishing is still dominant, very cheap, with good success rates – Intuit warns QuickBooks customers of ongoing phishing attacks

4 – There is something brewing in the #cybersecurity market. A change to come within 6 months to 1 year ( I make the prediction :) ) – Do you have an MSSP partner already ? Who are you going to call during the next incident ? (Nope, Ghostbusters are busy)

5 – Security can be an illusion ! Reverse engineering and decrypting CyberArk vault credential files

6 – it’s iOS patch time again ! Yes, the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iSuck and all their invasive stuff – Emergency Apple iOS 15.0.2 update fixes zero-day used in attacks (that was 3 days ago, hopefully you updated already)

7 – it’s #libreoffice and #openoffice path time ! LibreOffice, OpenOffice bug allows hackers to spoof signed docs

8 – Technology is the art of deception, and bugs left on purpose are often state sponsored, which can lead to frustration of researchers – Researcher Disclosed Telegram Vulnerability, Refused Bounty For Staying quiet

9 – The cloud more and more targeted and hacked – Huawei Cloud targeted by updated cryptomining malware

10 – spying, hacking, stealing IP, research and trade secrets is a reality. Don’t think you are not a target – Nuclear engineer’s espionage plans unraveled by undercover FBI agent

11 – Cyber battlefield, you are all connected to it – Indian-Made Mobile Spyware Targeted Human Rights Activist in Togo

12 – Don’t wait for an incident ! Your defenses must detect and respond against these quickly – Pacific City Bank discloses ransomware attack claimed by AvosLocker

13 – Transnational crime scoreboard : REvil/Sodinokibi accounting for 73% of ransomware detections in Q2 2021

14 – The threat landscape on ransomware is shifting, while we saw some focusing on encryption and giving up on stealing files, some groups now only focus on this approach – SnapMC hackers skip file encryption and just steal your files

15 – The cloud is an expensive scalable mess – Microsoft revokes insecure SSH keys for Azure DevOps customers

16 – The cloud attacked more and more, a growing target facing growing amount of challenges to keep up – Microsoft: Azure customer hit by record DDoS attack in August

17 – The cloud is infected, so much for « play protect » ! Photo editor Android app STILL sitting on Google Play store is malware

18 – Protecting your private keys is even more critical when you use wildcard certificates – NSA warns of wildcard certificate risks, provides mitigations

19 – Ransomware threat actors are coming after the cloud, and cloud workload holding your data are at risk – AWS ransomware attacks: Not a question of if, but when (90% of the S3 buckets at risk ! )

20 – Happy to see in my sponsored feed some more consideration on the cyber threat landscape handling, especially the ransomware side of things – Hysolate CTO and Co-Founder Tal Zamir presents at the recent IT Pro – Information Week Conference ‘Defending Against Ransomware

21 – A quick take at what happened to Facebook, short and straight to the point – The Facebook outage and network configuration

22 – Don’t worry, it’s just exploited since January – Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day Flaw in Win32 Driver

23 – Interesting approach from dutch police speaking to criminals – Dutch police send warning letters to DDoS booter customers

24 – The cloud is such and easy shiny target, corrupt one, corrupt them all – Office 365 Spy Campaign Targets US Military Defense

25 – Supply chain poisoning by cloning (or forking), easy, cheap and efficient ! PyPI removes ‘mitmproxy2’ over code execution concerns

26 – Connected = hacked – FreakOut botnet now attacks vulnerable video DVR devices

27 – Would you be able to detect and respond to such attack ? AND, do you have enough cash to hold 1 or 2 weeks for when your bank falls offline ?! Cyberattack shuts down Ecuador’s largest bank, Banco Pichincha

28 – Some good, and some bad – Australia to tackle ransomware data breaches by deleting stolen files

29 – pros and cons as usual – EU legislation introduced to ban anonymous domain registration

30 – Internet is a battlefield, a bias machine, and the cloud is a steroid for disinformation and leaks – A Close Look at Russia’s Ghostwriter Campaign

31 – Your wallet has (had) a hole and it leaks your assets – Critical Flaw in OpenSea Could Have Let Hackers Steal Cryptocurrency From Wallets

32 – Want it or not, the cloud leaks – Verizon digital carrier Visible customer accounts were hacked

33 – The cloud is now widely recognized as a threat, and we see more and more solutions coming on the market for organizations that need to place data in the cloud, but don’t want their data stolen, abused, mined etc. – New Vaultree Encryption-as-a-Service Keeps Cloud Data Fully Encrypted

34 – When technology and politics collide – Russia and China left out of global anti-ransomware meetings

35 – jealous of Facebook maybe, all the big players must have their AS config fail, it’s like a prerequisite to join the table – OVH hosting provider goes down during planned maintenance

36 – A 2 minutes video that allows you to get the ICS challenges of today, well done – « ROUNDS #1 – STRONG GUARD » about industrial control systems

37 – When the marketplace competes with its sellers, the deck is stacked – the company ran a systematic campaign of creating knockoffs and manipulating search results to boost its own product lines in India, one of the company’s largest growth markets

38 – Be aware that this is a reality in many places, assumed guilty and jailed. Given how technology is all fake and lies, you can only guess how easy it is for anyone to be sent in jail on fake proof – Belarus: Joining banned Telegram channels will land you in prison

39 – What did you do to avoid this ? Are you sure you have the proper people, processes and technologies in place and it is well implemented ? Acer confirms breach of after-sales service systems in India

40 – As predicted, the growth of ransomware is started, and that’s only the beginning. No fear mongering, FACTS ! New Yanluowang ransomware used in targeted enterprise attacks

41 – The clowd as well. pile of lies – Washington Attorney General says Facebook knowingly lied in lawsuit testimony

42 – Big tech and clowd style – Apple silently fixes zero-day Flaw without Crediting the finder

43 – ou can’t even know what’s in your IoT, and you blindly trust the cloud ? Organizations losing business due to connected product security concerns

44 – Interesting stats, based on what people gave to google via virus total (BTW, never upload confidential documents on this platform ! Nor in online translation tools, they are all using the data and selling it on the free accounts) – VirusTotal Shares Data on Ransomware Activity

45 – So tempting to play big brother when you have access to all the data in the world – Microsoft will put government and police contracts through independent human rights review

46 – Are you sure you are not providing computing resources to transnational criminal organization (or the cloud :p ) – MyKings botnet still active and making massive amounts of money

47 – WordPress plugin patch time : Brizy Page Builder – Brizy WordPress Plugin Exploit Chains Allow Full Site Takeovers

48 – MFA anyone ? hopefully you also use a password manager and a unique password for each and every services – Thingiverse Data Leaked — Check Your Passwords

49 – Big tech abuses cleanup time, happy to see some action – FTC fires warning shot at 700 leading companies about fake reviews

50 – At some point common sense should come back and we should stop connecting everything and anything, building dangerous data lakes etc – University of Sunderland announces outage following cyberattack

51 – SIP can also lead to massive take over – Critical Remote Hacking Flaws Disclosed in Linphone and MicroSIP Softphones

52 – A malware on top of a spyware ! Malicious Chrome ad blocker injects ads behind the scenes

53 – Layered security and overlapping security controls are needed – 13 Vulnerabilities Discovered in a Widely Used Industrial Router

54 – Interesting but, can this be done ? Governments worldwide to crack down on ransomware payment channels

55 – Getting on the path to massive casualties – US government discloses more ransomware attacks on water plants

56 – Good old email, if you don’t have independent advanced email filtering, you should talk to your MSSP, in most case it’s affordable and deployed in less than a day – Russian cybercrime gang targets finance firms with stealthy macros

57 – Don’t worry, it’s only data after all – Twitch downplays this month’s hack, says it had minimal impact

58 – As part of your incident response plan, you should have a communication plan, and ideally bring transparency – Accenture confirms data breach after August ransomware attack

59 – Cyber crime supply chain is constantly enhancing. Is your posture adjusting too ? Attackers Behind Trickbot Expanding Malware Distribution Channels

60 – Where do you stand with your patch management ? Server Patching Best Practices. Stop Patching, Start JetPatching

And that’s all for this week ! Wishing you a good weekend ! That was pretty intense, despite a shorter week here in Canada :D …. what, he’s Canadian ? but he’s got such a French accent… .oh boy, yes, something like that ! :D Find me on linkedin here.

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Migrating an old WordPress and handling character set, UTF8, latin1, latin1_swedish_ci

Sharing a quick one because it took some research for me to figure this one, not too long, but I don’t have to search again :D

Basically, old WordPress from years ago, were using default character set called « latin1_swedish_ci » as default collation name, latin1 in short.

When you must migrate to a newer system because you were running an old CentOs which is no longer supported, and you start to migrate to a Debian based machine, the new default is UTF8.

So you backup your WordPress, (and ideally you used a dedicated machine for the database, so as you can have more flexibility in your workloads and yet can still backup the full DB server), and you restore it on your new server (a big tar.gz of you site content that you copied with scp by example).

You’ll have to fix all the glitches linked to PHP version change, sometimes the front end won’t work, but the admin page of your WordPress should still load. Web server logs will tell you what is wrong (a theme in my case was using functions that were no longer supported). If you can’t even get to the admin page, wp command line utility should help you update the instance from command line (another topic)

Anyway, while you log in the admin section, you will have to apply updates (as you could not on the old system, stuck with an older PHP version and other libs).

Suddenly you realize that all the accents (yes, French content and more) are totally messed up ! Yes, on the new server, everything is assumed by default to be UTF8 !

So you need to figure out what was the previous encoding of your content in the database.

You have to log on your mysql / mariadb server, as root of mysql and run the following command :

SELECT * FROM information_schema.SCHEMATA;

This will show up all your databases and their actual default character set name and default collation name !

As you can see, a lot of my old sites and databases are in latin1.

Because your WordPress has been updated, the wp-config.php file doesn’t contain all the new options, and it uses the default, including the charset default. In my case UTF8 in the new version, but as you can see, my data is in latin1 encoding.

So the fix was to add in the wp-config.php the DB_CHARSET value, to match with the database :

define ('DB_CHARSET', 'latin1');

Once you did this, all your accents and special chars should display properly !

Memo for myself mainly, but maybe it will help others.

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From a broken TLS CA, to Facebook, to FIN12 hit and run

Alexandre Blanc CyberSecurity weekly cyber linkedin
Alexandre Blanc Weekly Cyber

Yet another crazy week in cyber, which makes me wonder if there is any quiet week anymore, and, as a lot spoke about mental health as well, how long do you think a human can take all of this ?

Meanwhile, I’m still motivated to do good, and while ransomware gangs make millions every month, we try to get a couple of bucks from people so as we can help secure them (not asking for money, just tough to get organization to spend just enough to protect themselves).

But I’m telling you, this won’t last, ransomware projections are so huge, that we’ll come to a point where, sorry, we don’t take new customers. Scarcity, is where we’re heading, and I’m telling you, find your cyber security partner NOW, because we, skilled humans in this field, are in very limited supply. The illusion of the market may make you think you have choice, but there is a fun fact in the back end, A sells the skills of B, which sells the skills of C, which rely on A for any overflow…… do you see it coming ?

Monica talks Cyber to Alex

Meanwhile, Monica and myself are going to share some insights on our CISO experience, hopefully a series to start in November, and well scheduled (according to her, she likes when things are organized, and it’s good !), and pretty fun (according to me, and her actually, we agree on this)…. (wait, did I mean we don’t agree on everything ? )…. (seems I’m talking to myself now…. ok, let’s move on).

Edit : Monica said that I should say that the audience will have an AWESOME opportunity not only to ask ya questions for this episode but ALSO TO SHAPE OUR NEXT EPISODES and what challenges we address (that’s what she said :P )

Mani got Alex to talk and talk and talk :D

This week as well, did record a 6 min LinkedIn podcast with Mani Keerthi which actually turned to be very relevant in a pretty short time ! Thanks Mani ! :)

And now, finally, this week in 56 points :

1 – Letsencrypt updated their CA (certificate authority) and it went bad for a lot of stuffs – Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate has expired and stuff is breaking all over the place

2 – Surprise, yet another massive leak – US retailer Neiman Marcus confirms Data breach – Just 4.6 Millions customers data

3 – You first need to have proper security posture, otherwise, nothing will help you – US unites 30 countries to disrupt global ransomware attacks

4 – I fixed the issue by dropping any phone call. Only accepting known persons over encrypted channels – FCC orders phone carriers to enforce unlawful robocall blocking

5 – Hacked down to hardware – Flaw in AMD Platform Security Processor Affects Millions of Computers

6 – Cryptoland never cease to amaze me – Crypto platform mistakenly gives $90M to users, asks for refund

7 – Just a reminder, building your security posture, assessing the potential impact and placing proper security controls to mitigate the risk is not optional, unless you absolutely don’t care – Sandhills online machinery markets shut down by ransomware attack

8 – That’s hacking ! The power of technical creativity ! Creating Wireless Signals with Ethernet Cable to Steal Data from Air-Gapped Systems

9 – Clowd style leak ! Poorly Configured Apache Airflow Instances Leak Credentials for Popular Services

10 – Like it or not, patch management is critical – New Atom Silo ransomware targets vulnerable Confluence servers

11 – Good work Europol, some less criminals – Ransomware operators behind hundreds of attacks arrested in Ukraine (doesn’t calm down anyhow, but that’s already something ! )

12 – Learn why privacy and data protection is important (aside of Pandora papers ) – Transnational fraud ring stole millions from Army members, veterans

13 – Quite an interesting take on this one, after all we are in a continuously evolving environment, seeing rising threats, and regulation playing ketchup – Regulations & Ransomware: A Quick Overview

14 – Facebook offline day ! Great for humans mental health, on this linkedin post, I covered, including comment, the whole story, with other, pointing to the BGP error , but we all know the truth : The home router of Mark got powered off as his cat stepped on it, and poof ! Facebook Blames Outage on Faulty Router Configuration

15 – Just don’t SMS, anything you type on it, is being reviewed by thousands of people, indexed, reshared and all – Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked

16 – Android patch time ! Android October patch fixes three critical bugs, 41 flaws in total

17 – You are hacked ! UEFI (aka BIOS) hacked since 2012 – New UEFI bootkit used to backdoor Windows devices since 2012

18 – Not even out for a day, already broke network support for widely used Intel network/wifi cards – Microsoft confirms Windows 11 issues with VirtualBox, Intel Killer

19 – Do you have accounts without MFA ? unacceptable – Large ransom demands and password-guessing attacks escalate

20 – Almost forgot ! I was on 123CMMC with the awesome Dana Mantilia ! We had a great episode on here :

21 – it’s apache web server patch time ! Apache fixes actively exploited zero-day vulnerability, patch now

22 – It smells a lot like….clowd ! The Telegraph exposes 10 TB database with subscriber info

23 – Root cause is credentials guessing or Brut force, so don’t expose your management networks and have decent governance – Ransomware gang encrypts VMware ESXi servers with Python script

24 – Very positive outcome, some souls got saved from evil thanks to this failure – Facebook outage leads to massive user exodus to Telegram, Signal

25 – You should already know this but a reminder – 3 Ways the Government Can Track Your Phone

26 – Don’t forget, private browsing still allows your Internet Service Provider to see everything you do. Private browsing only protects you if someone looks at your browsing history. Firefox improves advertising tracker blocking in private browsing

27 – Take this as an example ! YOU must do it too on all your accounts – Google to turn on 2-factor authentication by default for 150 million users

28 – Good move, especially that investing less than the payment made to criminals is enough to build your whole security posture and strongly reduce the likelihood of such incident and totally squeeze the potential impact – Ransom Disclosure Act would give victims 48 hours to report payments

29 – Adam will never find a job in IT ever again – Fired IT admin revenge-hacks school by wiping data, changing passwords

30 – The Internet of threats (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Threats (IIoT), must be sandboxed and protected behind layered defense and zero trust network access control – Multiple Critical Flaws Discovered in Honeywell Experion PKS and ACE Controllers

31 – Fact is, you need MFA at the very least, and, you should think security architecture with additional controls, such as « geo fencing », and more, capabilities depending. ATO (account take over) attacks increased 307% between 2019 and 2021

32 – The cloud leaks again, I think there might be a medication for this, I mean it can’t hold anything, anything it eats just is spread around…. looks like the cloud is sick to me. The entirety of Twitch has reportedly been leaked, Source codes and user payouts among the data released in a 128GB torrent

33 – All these connected crap will get you killed ! STOP connecting everything, this is absolute non sense ! Medtronic urgently recalls insulin pump controllers over hacking concerns

34 – The cloud is a tool, powerful, sensitive and dangerous, that criminals masters ! Iranian Hackers Abuse Dropbox in Cyberattacks Against Aerospace and Telecom Firms

35 – Backups are only a corrective measure, it means, it’s the ultimate resource you should nod need for recovery – CISO Point Of View ‘Mashup’: The Importance of Securing Storage & Backup

36 – You are hacked, you just don’t know it yet ! This malware is active since 2018 ! Criminal Hackers use stealthy ShellClient malware on aerospace, telco firms

37 – Good move, but, now that Pandora box is open, I’m afraid it’s too late – European Parliament calls for ban on AI-powered mass surveillance

38 – Challenging times ahead. We know compliance doesn’t equal security, but, self regulation has proven to be ineffective – New Regulations Are Coming — Get a Handle on Your App Portfolio

39 – There is no such thing as free lunch ! Firefox now shows ads as sponsored address bar suggestions

40 – Diversity is critical to ensure resilience. Monoculture is lethal everywhere – Netherlands orders Apple to offer more App Store payment methods

41 – No comment – Microsoft fixes bug blocking Azure Virtual Desktops security updates

42 – How do you like your Yamale ? Some like it hot, hot yamale ! Snake yamale ! Code Execution Bug Affects Yamale Python Package — Used by Over 200 Projects

43 – Full unauthenticated remote access, anybody can watch your b…eer – Unpatched Dahua cams vulnerable to unauthenticated remote access

44 – A good reading about pentest on your (not actually yours, but ok) AWS stack – Penetration Testing Your AWS Environment – A CTO’s Guide

45 – If you self host an onionshare instance, make sure you patch – Serious Data Exposure Vulnerabilities Spotted In OnionShare Platform

46 – Good move, no longer have to guess editor’s website, find terms and conditions and discover how to unsubscribe – Apple now requires all apps to make it easy for users to delete their accounts

47 – I don’t take calls anymore except through encrypted channels – Fraudulent robocalls to cost consumers $40 billion in 2022

48 – Cut the BS and do it right or don’t do it ! U.S. govt to sue contractors who hide breach incidents

49 – A good reading about these ICS affected by vulnerabilities – Four Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in Bosch Rexroth WEB Interfaces

50 – An apache patch patching the patched apache as it didn’t patch patchingly ! Apache emergency update fixes incomplete patch for exploited bug

51 – Automated detection and response is mandatory ! No time, the only time you have is the time to be encrypted ! FIN12 hits healthcare with quick and focused ransomware attacks

52 – How would your organization detect and respond to such incident ?
What is your RPO ? Recovery Point Objective define how much data you’ll lose between last valid and tested backup, and restore time.
What is your RTO ? Recovery Time Objective defines how long it will take for you to recover – Engineering giant Weir Group hit by ransomware attack

53 – Attribution is always a tricky game. Proxy, fork anyone ? But for sure, it’s easier to have visibility when you collect telemetry (backdoor) from most of the computers in the world ;) Microsoft: Russian state hackers behind 53% of attacks on US govt agencies

54 – hard coded credentials + cloud is a recipe for disaster :) leak accelerator :) BrewDog exposed data for over 200,000 shareholders and customers

55 – Rootkit active for 18 months, just spotted now – Researchers Warn of FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Targeting Linux Systems

56 – All your eggs in the same basket ! Monoculture and Market Share: The State of Communications
and Collaboration Software in the US Government

And that’s about it for this week, good enough I guess !

Have a good weekend all ! See you on here hopefully next week !

Alexandre Blanc Cyber Security

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