Cybersecurity is not obvious even for this newsletter !

The weekly cyber ended on my blog for now, linkedin stuff doesn’t work !

Cyber security focus is to achieve CIA, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. Well, seems that my edition of last week suffered from availability issues where no one got notification of it. Sad because it was quite interesting, you can still find it by checking previous version of this newsletter.

Let’s hope, this week, you’ll get notified of the publication ! :D Actually, had to move my newsletter content to my blog, as linkedin blocked edition after the 18th link, as weird as it sound, can’t post on linkedin as I did before.

First, I wanted to share that I had a great time during Enterprise IT World Security Symposium and awards 2021, in India. Was a great virtual event, where I spoke for the first time on a panel in this event, and got awarded for the second time :)

Back to this week in 45 points :

1 – Ransomwares are like the cloud, and vice versa, sadly here to stay : Three Things That Amplify the Threat of Ransomware and How To Combat Them

2 – Keep an eye on coming QNAP patches – QNAP works on patches for OpenSSL bugs impacting its NAS devices

3 – Is your exchange fully patched and up to date ? Microsoft Exchange ProxyToken bug can let hackers steal user email

4 – Ransomware impact can be avoided or at least mitigated with proper security posture – LockBit Gang to Publish 103GB of Bangkok Air Customer Data

5 – Patching everything, from connected toilets to garage door – Critical Vulnerability In Annke Network Video Recorder Could Allow RCE Attacks

6 – Privacy is much critical factor than what big tech may think – Zoom Stock Wipes Out More Than $15 Billion In Market Value After Earnings Reveal Pandemic Growth Is Waning

7 – Weekend and vacations are bad times for security, yet we need them :P FBI, CISA: Ransomware attack risk increases on holidays, weekends

8 – Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin from Envato #wordpress patch time – WooCommerce Pricing Plugin Allows Malicious Code-Injection

9 – Is your GPU computing for criminals ? Cybercriminal sells tool to hide malware in AMD, NVIDIA GPUs

10 – Will you stop connecting everything and anything and growing your attack surface ?! Attackers Can Remotely Disable Fortress Wi-Fi Home Security Alarms

11 – Cloud employees spying program got caught and shamed the cloud for its usual abuses – Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics now anonymizes user info by default

12 – I’m speaking ( again ! ) at RED Summit 2021: Ransomware and Extortion Defense For Industry & Government. Would you like to attend? (I don’t appear yet on the website, but it will come), we also did an intro video with the amazing Debbie Reynolds !

13 – Can We Digitally Disappear: Our Lives Exposed O… by The Bureau with Frank Figliuzzi – Don’t miss a great interview of an amazing FBI agent that support privacy !

14 – The future of technology is decentralized, unlike the cloud – Decentralized cloud computing platform preserves internet privacy

15 – Where do you stand with your security posture ? [Cocktail Book] Raise Your Drinks & Your OT / IoT Security Posture

16 – Cloud is so safe that NSA won’t use it at all and spend $2B for their own on prem cloud – NSA Cloud Capabilities See Boost Under New Billion-Dollar Contract with HPE

17 – There is an obvious pattern seeing the raise of attacks on crypto exchange places – Bilaxy Crypto Exchange Went Offline After Cyber Attack

18 – Botnets are trendy again ! (they never ceased to be anyway in the criminal activities) – Cybercriminals Abusing Internet-Sharing Services to Monetize Malware Campaigns

19 – This is why your processes must be put in a formal way, be documented and maintained, so as upon termination, employees accesses will be properly removed – Fired NY credit union employee nukes 21GB of data in revenge

20 – Watch for linphone and underlaying stack updates – Linphone SIP Stack Bug Could Let Attackers Remotely Crash Client Devices

21 – Criminals too, face skills shortage ! BEC Scammers Seek Native English Speakers on Underground

22 – You control nothing, time to move to Linux and recover lost #privacyMicrosoft kicks unsupported PCs out of Windows 11 preview program

23 – Happy to share this article about the advantages of performing an IT Security audit for your organization, my first article at work ! yeah ! Why perform an IT security audit? (I linked to my linkedin post about it for now so you can interact, in the end I might just go straight to target)

24 – A good PDF reference document about the ZeroTrust architecture – The CISO’s guide to Extending Zero Trust to the Endpoint

25 – A workaround that will also kill the plug and play capability, convenience or security ? How to block Windows Plug-and-Play auto-installing insecure apps

26 – Now that Zuckerman is out, remains Zuckerberg to kick out ;) for the same privacy invasion issues :p – FTC bans stalkerware maker Spyfone from surveillance business

27 – it’s CISCO patch time ! Cisco fixes critical authentication bypass bug with public exploit

28 – Not without reminding the poor security of the COVID related apps, seems that we never ever learn – Digital State IDs Start Rollouts Despite Privacy Concerns

29 – wareztheremotes ! Comcast RF Attack Leveraged Remotes for Surveillance

30 – How long will it take for you to realize you are hacked ? Autodesk reveals it was targeted by Russian SolarWinds hackers

31 – Simple : anything you put on technology will betray you – WhatsApp Photo Filter Bug Could Have Exposed Your Data to Remote Attackers

32 – When you put your assets in the cloud, you know they’ll be stolen – Cream Finance hacked; $29 million Crypto asset stolen

33 – Be aware, in a not so far future, we’ll turn humans into bots, altering memory, programming at will – Machines can read your brain. There’s little that can stop them.

34 – Private cloud, on your own infrastructure that can bring the same flexibility as public cloud – Why is On-Demand OpenStack Important for SMBs?

35 – A mean to an end ! After all, target being compliance, security controls are what you need to achieve them – Compliance is Tough. Zero Trust Can Make It Easier

36 – Anything tight to cloud is privacy invasive – Google Play Sign-Ins Allow Covert Location-Tracking

37 – Technology enable crime, and it pays well ! Gift Card Gang Extracts Cash From 100k Inboxes Daily

38 – Disable the Bluetooth ! Wireless is weak ! New BrakTooth Flaws Leave Millions of Bluetooth-enabled Devices Vulnerable

39 – Don’t fall for these scams ! Everything is fake nowadays with deep fake technology – FBI: Spike in sextortion attacks cost victims $8 million this year

40 – Cleaning up domains that you stop using is critical, it’s even extremely critical with cloud threat – Over 60,000 parked domains were left up for hijacking leading to cloud takeover

41 – This one is not without reminding of NTFS streams abuses using indexed storage entries – This New Malware Family Using CLFS Log Files to Avoid Detection

42 – Blindly pulling from the infected cloud is not a good idea ! NPM package with 3 million weekly downloads had a severe vulnerability

43 – There is a growing trend, as cloud as proven to be a confidentiality failure, and a crazy expensive platform, far above anything was ever spent on prem, things are shifting – The Cloud Is Coming Back Home ( Fun fact, linkedin was totally bugged and I had to bring the newsletter content back to my blog at home !!! So, the trend is growing :P )

44 – Hopefully you patch and you have a good security posture ! Conti ransomware now hacking Exchange servers with ProxyShell exploits

45 – The babukers babuk themselves ! Babuk ransomware’s full source code leaked on hacker forum

And that’s it for this week ! I hope the content is still accessible, I apologize for the weird behavior, seems that linkedin is cloud after all, not working very well :s , anyway, have a great weekend !

Alexandre Blanc


vendredi, septembre 3rd, 2021 Technologie

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