Alexandre Blanc Cyber Kicked out from Linkedin

Edit on 2024 June 8th, Saturday, after the involvement and support worldwide, and a pressure from an incredible amount of people, LinkedIn restored my account. They claimed I got banned because I shared a malicious link (this one : Owasp AI and Security Guide ). This is why they deleted me. And then, they claim that after verification, the link was finally not malicious.

As you can guess, it’s a power game, and they wanted to slap me for something they didn’t like. But the power of communities has been stronger. That’s my take. I can’t express how thankful I am for all the support. Love to you all. Will take a few days to get back on track fully.

Edit on Friday night, after finding a great article linked in the comment
(and here) , lately, as I started my own business, I also started to add many connections and sent a lot of requests. The linked article about LinkedIn account restriction explains that adding too many « unknown » people, will lead to this. So, it seems that looking to expand my network, actually killed my network.
Will edit the post if things move, but I think this is it. Too many connection requests sent. (about 30 I’d say)

So, hopefully you’ll learn from this, don’t fuck it up as I just did.

So I got this email, and got blocked on all my devices. I vanished from the platform, my cyber buddies told me they can’t find me anymore.

I obviously had verified ID, MFA, and all available option for security. At this point, when I try to login, I got the following message :

Which is interesting, because I don’t know what this is referring to, and this is not aligned with the email stating « fraudulent activity detected ». Well, I’m known to fight AGAINST fraud. So, that’s about it.

That’s the cloud, after all, I rant a lot about it, you own nothing, you control nothing, well, here is a plain example. No information, no way to know or recover.

I contacted support via the form 2 times, but nothing there. I’ll wait a bit, and then reach out to insiders.

Fun times ! This happened around noon on 2024 May 30th, so far no news. I guess lunch time :D


jeudi, mai 30th, 2024 Technologie

11 Commentaires to Alexandre Blanc Cyber Kicked out from Linkedin

  • Well, I found this very interesting resource about this situation :

    Although my situation is still locked, this might help others. A well written and well explained article.

    Keep it handy.

    • Andrew dit :

      Is your account back?
      Cheers / Andrew Guzowski

      • tresronours dit :

        Nope, no news whatsoever. Linkedin decided to destroy my business.
        I mean, it’s cloud based, what else to expect !!!
        I used to receive tons of spam, phishing and other criminal attempts, and these would NOT be blocked.
        But me, a law abiding citizen, premium customer, top voice, nah, let’s destroy him ! That the cloud, supporting crime and destroying businesses.

        My crime ? Sent couple of connection requests. No spam, no marketing shit or sales pitch, nothing.
        People should realize that’s AI totalitarian style managed.

  • Mike Smith dit :

    I wondered why I couldn’t find you on LinkedIn, and fortunately searching finally brought me here. I’m sorry to hear about this and I’m baffled. You had a ton of followers and engagement, and clearly weren’t involved in any fraud. Meanwhile, spam fills my LinkedIn feed and inbox, and they do nothing. WTF?

    • tresronours dit :

      Yes, same thing on my end, I had tons of spamming, romance scam, foreign state sponsored actors, constant non requested messages and posts from people I NEVER asked for. But these have been going for month, unstopped.
      While me, nope. I don’t know. I think I may have pissed someone who got their ego touched, maybe they didn’t like the truth about the danger of public cloud (which is obviously extremely well shown in this situation).
      We’ll see where it goes, but I’ll make bunch of changes in the way I do things, and the situation also shows who to trust, and who not to trust either :)

      Thanks a lot for reaching out, for now no news, but some of my partners reached out to internal linkedin team during the weekend, we’ll see how this goes. Yet, I’ve a LOT of learning from this situation, both from resilience standpoint, on the trust (or no trust) side, and also learning a lot from different people. I’ll adjust in the future.

      Thanks for commenting and checking on me, highly appreciated.

  • tresronours dit :

    So, I found this reading, which match my situation as well, same thing, I also use Linux as my main operating system (also use and android and a macbook, but my main machine is linux, for years).

    Not giving me hope reading this one.

  • tresronours dit :

    Yet another post about this :

    This is very very terrible, reading this I’m afraid I won’t get my account again, which is just crazy, that’s years of work, building connection, audience, 75K followers, newsletter with 45K subscribers, this would be pure evil.

  • Brian Clinkenbeard dit :

    Alexandre, not absolute here, but may have the reason.

    Some hostile, were publishing posts to then hostile links.

    IN DOING THAT, they added the @name to the posts, to then once posted DELETE those with an edit so they were no longer « visible » in that post.

    (You would see yourself « mentioned » in a post to when there not see yourself « mentioned » in this case)


    Those persons actions, resulted in a filter looking for those « hooking » potential victims in, via this, and where, SOMEONE « writing the filters » that automagical CLOWD FILTER, screwed up.

    THUS, (if you did refer to others with an @name for them and post, to then think « Oops » and edit delete them, YOUR BEHAVIOR to an AI, would « look » like that potentially, of the hostile behavior it is looking for.

    SAME, as the day HR called me in to say, « your online behavior while on the network is questionable! ».

    Yeah, I know that since I am the one responsible for setting UP the system that is to TELL YOU THAT, and also maintaining it, SO IT TELLS YOU THAT, which means I have to attempt access to things that are to BE BLOCKED, to test if they are which then GENERATES the report you are referring TO,,,



    Other option Alexandre, YOU « MAY » have « Accidentally » posted a link to an article from a (sometimes hostile) site that served the LinkedIN system that parses those links to create the SHORT LINK, a site, that served them « malware or a browser exploit ».

    You « may » have run a PEN test against a system where not WHITELISTED to then have your IP, Device, FLAGGED as « hostile » to then be crowd source added to a « LIST » that feeds into a Control at LinkedIN and resulted in you being BLOCKED.

    Key point and important is that « YOUR DEPENDENCY » and or « Anyone’s », on a CLOUD CENTRIC « SERVICE », is literally, contrary to, and a perfect example of the accuracy in your statements made ON said service.

    Connected = BLOCKED (at the whim of an AI),,,

    • tresronours dit :

      Hi Brian, thanks for the input. Yes it could be many things, but it would be dumb for a system to blame users that get tagged in anything as we don’t have a hand on this.
      I’m aware of the behavior of some threat actor that would post something like « the cloud sucks so much », then tag, get people to comment like « I agree so much with you » and then change the original post to something nasty, and making you look like you support nasty things.

      One would hope for some integrity, as a change of meaning of a post should trigger a revision or removal of comments to protect integrity of people take on things.

      It is very possible that a link to a safe article turned into corrupted target over time (that a basic phishing detection bypass, sending friday a safe link through shortener to pass the filter, and on monday, threat actors edit redirection to nasty targets so as the victim get tricked). Yet again, with all this AI crap and all, if they can’t achieve basic security it’s scary (how about a warning line, « since this link has been shared, target has been modified, caution ») or something like this.

      And yes, perfect illustration of the issue with cloud, owning nothing, controlling nothing. I’m thankful I kept a lot of things out of linkedin, but in the future, if they re activate my account, I’ll pull a lot of things out, it’s way way way too risky to keep anything that you can’t be deprived of (like the article where I kept all my speaking engagement history) and more.

  • Stuart Dobson dit :

    I’ve always been wary of relying on a platform for hosting my content. While they have their uses for marketing, it seems wise to keep all of one’s content backed up and possibly consider not putting all one’s eggs in one basket.

    • tresronours dit :

      Absolutely agreed. The day to day info feed, marketing and whatever is ok, but the key content, article, and actual contacts should definitely be backed up in a properly owned channel, not clowd.

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