Keeping track for my speaking events / appearances

Because time flies, and I got often asked before joining a panel where did I already appear, so I decided, as I did for videos, to put this in an article with references when doable.

2024 June 11th – AI in June – Some practical take on AI and Cyber security, Cyber Security for AI And best practices from OWASP (Open Worldwide Application Security Project)

2024 May 29th – Hack Proofing Your Bank with Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management – with Secpod

2024 March 19th – Scaling your Compliance Program with Multiple Frameworks – with Sprinto and Devika Anil, covering how overlapping controls between security framework can help your organization reach other compliance requirements.

2024 Feb 29th – Cloud VS On prem – Panel on linkedin Live – French Quebec –

2024 Feb 22th – MSS Toronto – Panel moderator « security architect of the future », where do we stand, where do we go, how organizations works toward proper security. Was an amazing discussion with CTOs, security architects, cloud security consultants and more.

2023 June 15th – Stalking – When physical and digital worlds collides (Joining Gary Berman, Scott Schober and Stefanie Drysdale on the live at around 33min)

2023 June 13th – Conference Board of Canada, non profit think tank – Speaking about Privacy at the intersection of innovation and technology – Data protection, governance

2023 Feb 23 – MSS Toronto – Panel moderator on the « super architect » of the future, or the key role allowing proper dynamic withing business, security, and third party provider « MSS Toronto – Feb 2023« , we did bring actionable suggestions and practical approaches on solving this challenging position.

Update 2, 2022 Oct 26th, speaking at the WEDF (World Ethical Data Forum) for a conference titled « The Human Element of Data and Our Personal Level of Privacy and Security For a Safe Data Input« , also spoke and moderated MSS Great lake conference.

Speaking at the FIC North America early November 2022 – Forum International de la Cybersécurité ( – Where I’ll cover the technical topic of subdomain takeover, how to take control of an organization via poorly maintained DNS Zone.

Also presenting at local business owners associations about threat landscape trends, and more events, webinars with VARS Corporation and RCGT etc.

2022 Oct 20 – Spoke at MSS Great lakes second edition 2022 where I presented one session, and moderated a panel.

Update Oct 2022, I since then spoke in dozens of event, either in French or in English, and somehow lost track of it. Latest was today 2022 Oct 13, at the « COLLOQUE NATIONAL CYBERSÉCURITÉ 2022 SECTEUR MUNICIPAL » (a picture about this one here)

I’ve been giving many other presentations as well, which I lost track of, between podcasts, interviews, speaking events, meetups, and all, met Quebec government ministers too and so on :) So I don’t put everything in here. I’m also speaking at the world ethical data forum, I’ll be speaking at another MSS event, I’ll be on stage as well in Montreal at FIC (I’m not on the site yet, but will bring some practical technical tips on subdomain takeovers and how to hijack organizations this way, etc),. That’s it for today’s update :D

2022 – June 2nd – MSS Senegal (link to video here) – Panel moderator for the 2 sessions in french, Understanding the evolution of cyber security and the MSS in Senegal, and the second session, Developping Tomorrow’s information security leaders, with amazing knowledgeable guests

2022 – June 1st – A Dash of Cyber Episode 9 – How Quantum computing is changing the game, and why it’s already a security concern for years even if there is no official Quantum computer killing existing encryption cyphers

2022 – May 4th – Simply Secure Podcast – SSP 005: Alexandre Blanc the “Cloud Slayer” – Privacy Vs. Security

2022 – Mar 30th – A Dash of Cyber Episode 8 – Sharing experience from incidents we’ve been involved into

2022 – Feb 24 – MSS Toronto – Panel moderator for the session « Developping the super-Architect? Challenges and opportunities for the security architect of the Future » – With Rod Lewis, Krishna Prasad, Krishan Arora

2022 – Feb 23 – A Dash of Cyber Episode 7 – Zero trust fact vs marketing

2021 – Nov / Dec – CISO Series LIVE with Monica Verma

Some missing in between :D

2021 – Oct 26 – TVA Nouvelles (Quebec TV channel – French) 6PM news interview – Solutions concrètes et stratégie adaptée à l’entreprise

2021 – Oct – MSS Great lake conference, 1 presentation and moderating 1 panel – Managed Security Services Forum Great Lakes

2021 – Oct – Canadian Chamber of Commerce – « Manufacturing 4.0 – The light blue revolution« 

2021 – Oct – « A Thought in Cyber – LinkedIn Conversations »: Episode 2: “Digital Transformation – Cybersecurity challenges and solutions” – Thanks to Mani Keerthi

2021 – Sept – 123 CMMC with Dana Mantilia – In the podcat we speak about security controls, protecting our identity, and focus on XDR (speaking threat landscape as well etc )

2021 – Sept – Titaniam RED Summit 2021 – Speaker on 2 panels with amazing cohosts – Ransomware and Extortion Defense for Industry & Government – Panel 1 with Chris Roberts : Understanding attack motivations: What is more valuable than PII and PHI? – Panel 2 with Debbie Reynolds and Jeff Jockisch : Ransomware, Extortion and Data Privacy? What is the connection?

2021 – Sept – CTG Intelligence – XDR Strategy Development workshop for MSP and MSSP leaders – Panelist along with MSP and MSSP market leadersScreenshot here

2021 – Sept – The Data Diva Talks Privacy – E46 – Alexandre Blanc CISO of VARS Corporation

2021 – Sept – Linkedin Live – A Dash of Cyber – In episode 4 we discuss IOT and IIOT, evolution to 5G and more

2021 – Sept – Security Symposium 2021 & Cyber Sentinel Awards – Orchestrated Security vs Best of Breed Security

2021 – July – Linkedin Live – A Dash of Cyber – In episode 3 we will be discussing our top tips for how to prevent Supply Chain Attacks

2021 – July – Flare Systems – Fireside Chat – Role of Dark Web in the threat landscape

2021 – June – Vigitrust Advisory Board : How do we protect younger & older generation online? Panelist amongs amazing knowledgeable people

2021 – June – A dash of cyber – Ransomware, how what, and defense – Linkedin Live

2021 – June – Cyber Talk Africa – Basic Cybersecurity tips to prevent Cyberattacks and why Cloud computing will never be secure – Recording on anchor

2021 – June – Infotech – Is Amazon Sidewalk a security and privacy risk that’s not worth taking?

2021 – May – MSS Toronto – Managed Security Services Forum Toronto – Opening conference panel moderator (MSS Toronto) – Developing the MSSP of the future panel (VARS) – Program was available here

2021 – Apr – ISC2 Montreal chapter / Concordia University – Ransomware, a cyber pandemic, MITRE ATT&CK TTPs ransomware matching, dark web markets and RAAS presentation with incident response correlation – Events – (ISC)² Montreal Chapter (

2021 – Apr – AI and Automation in security forum Miami 2021 – Moderating 2 panels of experts : To Which future applications can the MSP and MSS of tomorrow look to apply automation, AND, Understanding the security architect of the future in the context of emerging automation tools –

2021 – Mar – The Next Generation Cyber Minds – Malaysia – Ransomware, a cyber pandemic, from initial access as attack path, through data theft and encryption, up to final criminal groups blackmail over targets –

2021 – Mar – Titaniam panel – Together in a leaky boat –

2021 – Mar – Cyber Crucible – Choose your own post exchange server criminal adventure –

2021 – Mar – HSBC / VARS / RCGT – VIP Only – Cybersecurity in the COVID-19 era

2021 – Mar – Americana 2021 – Protecting against cyber threats and defending critical infrastructures (Water treatment specialized ICS focused) –

2021 – Mar – VARS – Sailpoint – VIP only – Cybersécurité – L’identité a l’ère de la COVID-19

2021 – Mar – Infotech – When misinformation is a feature, not a bug ––not-a-bug-er52ii

2021 – Feb – Barcode Podcast – DATA AWOL –

2021 – Feb – New Cyber Frontier – NCF-244 Should we question the security of the cloud –

2021 – Jan – LinkedIn live – The cyberhero Hero adventurs with Gary Berman and Phil Bove –

2021 Jan – The changemakers summit – Stanley Woman Engineering College –

2021 Jan – Code & Chaos – Cloud Computed Responsibility –

2020 Nov – Cyolo webinar – How to identify & secure your biggest access risk –

2020 Nov – MSS Miami 2020 MSS Threat Vector Panel including – How can we prevent the MSS and MSP becoming the attack vector of choice –

2020 Apr – GRIMMCon – The cyber threats are after your accounts –

2020 Feb – Brighttalk – Panel IoT Security in 2020 –

2019 Dec – Renaud Laliberte Podcast – Desjardins, Droit et Suprematie Quantique –

2019 Nov – Cyber Crucible Podcast – Backup Strategy against ransomware and threats –

Since 2020 – Monthly linkedin live with Ashwin Krishnan –

2020 Jan – Live with Parry Aftab – Parry Aftab is joined by two global experts in cybersecurity Christophe Foulon and Alexandre Blanc! 1pm ET Thursday January 16, Linkedin Live

Since 2013 – Linux Meetup Montreal – Presenting technical topics on a regular basis on our Monthly meetings


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